keystarter 1.0 — create hotkey button icons with scripts.

It is designed for users :
that want to make in 3d on the desk­top
a set of but­ton icons with exe­cutable task script­ing codes.
you can push the but­tons with the mouse or touch device.
it will exe­cute the code direct.
(any but­ton can run a key­stroke, pro­gram or write/read reg­istry) [with­out focus the win­dows]

keystarter button icons intro

keystarter 1.0 image 1nr163105

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You can Build button icons, popup menu, virtual keyboard or multi clipboard in 3d.

keystarter is a 5 days in every week free­ware that you can use. (Sat­ur­day and Mon­day only with license)

if you work with your fys­i­cal key­board you need the left and right hand to push a key­stroke on the key­board. for exam­ple ctrl+c
with keystarter 1.0 you can stay your hands always on the mouse.
and push only the but­ton icons on the screen, it will task and exe­cute your script­ing code.

short expla­na­tion why you shoot choose this prod­uct, com­pared with oth­er vir­tu­al key­board soft­ware or clip­board soft­ware is that they can change, resize, move, show, hide the but­ton icons only in the design modus. with keystarter you can do that insite any but­ton icon you want on the fly (in the run modus). that means you are able to do this direct by push­ing these but­tons on your com­put­er.

Too use keystarter 1.0 it required that you did install on your sys­tem the pop­u­laire auto­hotkey
this is the best script­ing code lan­guages to auto­mate repeat move­ments from fys­i­cal key­board, mouse or joy­stick device.

What is auto­hotkey. go here
For sim­ple auto­hotkey exam­ples. click here
Auto­hotkey com­mand list. click here
Here you can down­load auto­hotkey.

keystarter 1.0 is portable no need to install put it on ramdisk or disk and run it.

For beginners you do not need to learn autohotkey scripting languages:

With keystarter you can sim­ple [cre­ate a but­ton icon] [choose a pic­ture]
and write a sim­ple script, for exam­ple [send ^c ; ^=CTRL] and it is done.
If you push the but­ton icon with your mouse or touch device, it will run the script direct
(with­out focus the win­dow) > this means you can use it in any appli­ca­tions.

see extra pic­ture

You can speed up your computer movements with more then +-50%

the pros are:

1 — you do not need to search every­time into the menus in the appli­ca­tions, to find the short­cuts com­bi­na­tions, with this top tool you can make a list but­ton icons with favorite short­cuts or macro move­ments

push the but­ton icons on the screen with your mouse device, or touch it with your left fin­ger

and in the same time you can work with your appli­ca­tion with­out interupt­ing or mov­ing your hands to the key­board. (you can stay your hand always on your mouse device)
touch monitor with normal monitor image a1

keystarter 1.0 is compatible with windows |32/64bit|   7|8|8.1|10

with this (all in one) tool you can auto­mate and task any­thing. you can make a set of 3d but­ton icons on your com­put­er, that include a com­plex or sim­ple script­ing lan­guages codes. it will exe­cute direct by push­ing the but­tons on the screen with one mouse click. you do have one cen­tral com­mand edi­tor where you can put any kind of script lan­guages you like.

button icons with autohotkey scriptings

Contra [windows shortcuts] compared with [keystarter]

short­cuts links, can't send text or key­strokes.
to any appli­ca­tions (with­out focus the win­dows)
for more details see google+ about the future of keystarter 1.0

or see sec­ond pic­ture
future about keystarter 1.0 best utility for autohotkey

shortcuts links compared with keystarter 1.0

In this picture you see a popup menu with a multi clipboard and selectors.

here you see the ben­e­fits and how many room you win, do not for­get that any but­ton can show/hide com­plete new set of but­tons in the same area. you can cre­ate a advange, pop­up menu with mul­ti clip­board in 3d.the first time it is a lit­tle bit strange to use it as a sec­ond pop­up menu. but lat­er you now what the pros are.(you can also use it as a main pop­up menu)
see youtube video : the new util­i­ty for auto­hotkey tuto­r­i­al 1 — intro

popupmenu and clipboard with multi selectors

popupmenu with clipboard youtube keystarter

Here you have a screenshot of a virtual keyboard.

you can cre­ate a on screen key­board so how you that want. exam­ple : push the B and it show com­plete new key­board with new com­mands.

free virtual keyboard in 3d with Command Editor

virtual keyboard youtube keystarter

New Fea­tures :

One Cen­tral Com­mand Edi­tor
Here You have one place where you can put all kind of script­ing lan­guages : auto­hotkey (.ahk) — msdos (.bat) — com­man­der (.cmd) — and many more (.???)
Mul­ti But­ton Icons Selec­tors
You can make any but­ton into mul­ti selec­tor — To Show or Hide a set of but­ton icons.
Ani­ma­tion But­ton icons
The but­ton icons can ani­mate by com­mand
Simul­tane Sounds
The Sounds can be played simul­tane with­out inter­rupt­ing from oth­er played Sounds.
Select Any Text — and then do in ONE CLICK a Google Search with para­me­ters
In the new clip­board exam­ple, you have new but­tons, with this you can sim­ple [SELECT ANY TEXT] from [ANY WHERE] and the com­put­er find out auto­mat­ic what brows­er it must use to do a GOOGLE SEARCH with
Select Any Text — and then do in ONE CLICK a TRANSLATION
In the new clip­board exam­ple, you have new but­tons, with this you can sim­ple [SELECT ANY TEXT] from [ANY WHERE] and the com­put­er find out auto­mat­ic what brows­er it must use to do a TRANSLATION
Check here for the Lat­est
Hints/Tips &
Beta exam­ples

button icons shortcuts software to automate

How to install :

Step 1: auto­hotkey click here
lat­est ver­sion
down­load and install it
on your sys­tem.

Step 2: keystarter 1.0 click here
lat­est ver­sion 1.0.170325
down­load and unzip the zip file.

is portable
no need to install 
put it on ramdisk or disk
and run it.

Click here for the
license agree­ment for end users (EULA)

Updates :
Check here for the Lat­est Changel­og

In this picture you will see a list of pros about keystarter 1.0

look and com­pare it with oth­er prod­ucts on the mar­ket.
you see on this image words like vkeys this is a short expla­na­tion for vir­tu­al but­ton icon (vir­tu­al key caps)

pros keystarter

With keystarter you can do

1 make a mod­ern pop­up menu
2 make a mod­ern vir­tu­al key­board

in 3d card disk cubus sphere cylin­der

1 make a mod­ern pop­up menu

many use­less room in pop­up menu in win­dows and for touch screen not effi­cient.

with vir­tu­al keystarter 1.0 you can use the room moor effi­cient and for touch screen with your fin­ger is easy to touch.

2 Make a mod­ern key­board.

You can do any­thing  in vkey pro­gram.

example:push a vKey and show a few oth­er new vkeys with dif­fer­ent program's.

see pros keystarter.

pros keystarter 1.0

vKeys is a short word for
(vir­tu­al but­ton icons) or
(vir­tu­al key caps)

keystarter is a new pro­gram it work dif­fer­ent like oth­er vir­tu­al key­boards. The most of the vir­tu­al key­boards can not do like :


1 Direct­ly from vkey:

1-Show new vkeys (hide)

2-Trans­paren­cy vkeys [card/disk]

3-Move vkeys or Cam

4-Resize vkeys

5-Turn vkeys [Roll/Pitch/Turn]

6-Change pic­tures vkeys

7–3d vkeys [card/disk/cubus/sphere/cylinder]

8-Run mul­ti program's with 1 key

9-Run 1 vkey (no need the hole key­board on the mon­i­tor)

10-!!! use Auto­hotkey !!! see http://www.autohotkey.com/

11-It is portable (put it on ramdisk or disk and run)(no need to install)

12-almost run any­thing .ahk/.bat/.xxx

13-Mul­ti run keystarter 1.0 simul­tan.

14-Auto­hide keystarter 1.0 to mouse point­er.

if you work with a key­board you need the right hand to pust a key­stroke like (<ctrl>+c)

with keystarter 1.0 you can stay your right hand always on the mouse.

and push only the vkey (icon logo) on the screen.

It is design with no focus the win­dow (that means you can use it in any pro­gram.)


Con­tra keystarter 1.0

1 It does not work insite a vir­tu­al machine only out­site a vir­tu­al machine

The video dri­ver need min 512mb ram mem­o­ry !!!

The first 100 peo­ple that send me:

video tutorials,screenshots tuto­ri­als or exam­ples with a good note.

can have 1 free oem license for pc


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