Keystarter 1.0 soft­ware:

Keystarter 1.0 Is a 5 days in every week free­ware, life­time long. (Sat­ur­day and Mon­day only with license)

license agree­ment for end users (EULA)


1 OEM license for 1 PC.

This license means :

1 — If the CPU or Main­board or Win­dows ver­sion is changed then you need to buy a new license (Same like Win­dows Agree­ment)

2 — I will send max­i­mum 10 times (by email) the same license num­ber, if you need­ed or did lost that num­ber.

3 — Go to the home­page and down­load first the newest soft­ware ver­sion before you do buy 1 OEM license for 1 PC, if some­thing is changed, you are always up to date.

4 — You are free to use and copy the zip and exe file on more then one win­dows sys­tems.