Autohotkey — Automate Keystrokes

Autohotkey On this site you will learn how to automate keystrokes.

Auto­mate key­strokes is very sim­ple with auto­hotkey script­ing lan­guages.
f1:: send ^c

This line of code you can read it as fol­low, the left site is the key­stroke that you can press on your fisi­cal key­board, the right site is the auto­hotkey code that will be exe­cute if you press the f1 fun­tion key on the key­board.

You can write this code in notepad and save it with example1.ahk
Run it and it is done, the com­put­er is wait­ing for you to press the f1 key.

If you want to exe­cute a big­ger auto­hotkey script you can use the com­mand return

send ^c
Reg­Write, REG_SZ, HKEY_CURRENT_USER, software\vkeystarter 1.0\vClipboard 3\KeyHintText,1,%a1% ; set copy 1

The ^ stands for CTRL and the ! stands for ALT
This means press CTRL + ALT + p to run this part of auto­hotkey.


An oth­er exam­ple is to trans­form the left site text into the right site text. this is also ver­ry use­full.

::ksc:: send key­stroke con­trol 

If you type ksc and press the space bar it will direct replace the text ksc into keystoke con­trol

This is a nice gig from the design­er that did build auto­hotkey free­ware. you can auto­mate almost every­thing it is fast sim­ple and does almost not use any cpu load or ram mem­o­ry

You can use it with keystarter 1.0 soft­ware.

with this you can make 3d but­ton icons on desk­top that can direct run (native) the auto­hotkey scripts. Togeth­er with this pow­er tool you can do many things more try it out and you will see what it can do.

autohotkey automate keystrokes with button icons