autohotkey and keystarter 1.0 software — create your own keyboard — and use it like an optimus popularis keyboard



auto­hotkey — is an script­ing code lan­guages for keyboard,mouse and joy­sticks
keystarter 1.0 — is an all in one soft­ware that can make a set of 3d but­tons (icons,logos) on your desk­top (that you can push it with your mouse) . any but­ton can run a script­ing code (autohotkey,msdos,???)

with auto­hotkey and keystarter 1.0 you can make on your screen : a set of but­tons (icons,logos), pop­up­menu, mul­ti clip­board, on screen key­board.

screen­shot 1 :
(the first soft­ware that you can use it, like an vir­tu­al [opti­mus pop­u­laris key­board] , [opti­mus max­imus key­board] , [short­cut-s key­board] or [raz­er switch­blade key­board])

the rea­sons Why you can do that are : (see screen­shots 1 to 7)
keystarter can use and make mul­ti selec­tors into any but­ton you want. to show a com­plete new set of but­tons in the same area with new com­mand script­ing codes.


first virtual optimus popularis keyboard freeware





screen­shot 2 : mul­ti clip­board and pop­up menu with 4 mul­ti selec­tors.

you can make a modern popup menu with clipboard





screen­shot 3 : keystarter 1.0 (all in one soft­ware)






screen­shot 4 :  any but­ton can have an com­mand to move,resize or turn a set of but­tons.
(or ani­mate the but­tons in +-7 FPS).

Move Resize Turn button icons by command






screen­shot 5 : exam­ple to load pic­tures in the but­tons by com­mand.

change and load pictures in button icons by command





screen­shot 6 : exam­ple to tran­paren­cy any but­ton by com­mand.

change transparency buttons



screen­shot 7 :  exam­ple to show or hide any but­tons by com­mand.

Show and Hide a set of button icons by command