clipboard software — to create 3d button icons with clipboards and autohotkey scripting codes



keystarter 1.0 clip­board soft­ware it is pos­si­ble to cre­ate a set of 3d but­ton icons on your desk­top with clip­boards and auto­hotkey script­ing com­mand codes. any but­ton can run a script code for exam­ple — (copy) to clip­board — (paste) send text to any appli­ca­tion — save or load text to win­dows reg­istryrun send a set of [key­stroke com­bi­na­tions]


in this short exam­ple you wil see an auto­hotkey script­ing code that you can assign in any but­ton icon :

if you push the but­ton it wil copy the select­ed text to your clip­board.

and if you goes with your mouse point­er over the but­ton icon it wil show the Key­Hint­Text.



send ^c


Reg­Write, REG_SZ, HKEY_CURRENT_USER, software\vkeystarter 1.0\vClipboard 3\KeyHintText,1,%a1% ; set the clip­board val­ue to Key­Hint­Text in but­ton num­ber 1


see pic­tures 1 to 3