this part of web­site is new, you can use this ser­vice for free , and be the first one to use this.

sta­tus : bal­loon trace route.
exam­ple : screen­shot google map — bal­loon trace route

here you can down­load the bal­loon post­card for­muli­er. down­load

Hi i am the Design­er of keystarter 1.0 soft­ware.
You can try out this mod­ern new free­ware on your win­dows sys­tem. see home­page

balloon oldballoon newpyramide

but i have a great new idea.
you now this :
1 you make a bal­loon with heli­um and make a card with your name and adress and let it go.
2 and you want to now how far it goes. (who it find or where it is land­ed)

my new idea is : (ps — i am search­ing for an part­ner, investor or spon­sor to make this great idea + my soft­ware big­ger — you can email me see step 2)
1 you send this post­card by post­bode to any adress + email this post­card and let it go.
2 and you can see how far it goes. (Who did send it by post­bode and where its goes)

step 1 :
you make 1 or 10 copy's and send it by post, to any adress you like (or oth­er coun­try) (tip: look in phone­book for any adress) (you can copy or down­load this post­card on
put in the [enve­lope] >>>> [1 x enve­lope] + [1 x this post­card (blan­co)] + [1 x this post­card]

refnr : 1-Gmt54at7 tra­cenr : 1-Xt375qeB­n87
from ———————————————————————-
First­name :
Street­name with­out the num­ber :
Province/City :
Coun­try :
to —————————————————————————
Street­name with­out the num­ber :
Province/city :
Coun­try :
Mes­sages :

mes­sages exam­ple : Hi there, i am the first one that try this out and i think my bal­loon post­card do trav­eled more then 20037 km.
step 2 : email the text from step 1 to1a
step 3 : see on : where it is — where it goes — what mes­sages they are writ­ing — what the trace sta­tus is.

if you do not have inter­rest to do this give it to your neigh­bors to the left,please do not put it in the trash they say it gives you 10 jears bad luck. thanks arnold

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