The best Tool to make virtualkeys with shortcuts command scripts


If you want to build a set of vir­tu­alkeys that can be exe­cute the macro short­cuts com­mand scripts in one but­ton click with your mouse or touch device. Then you wil need keystarter but­tons automa­tion soft­ware. 

Togeth­er with auto­hotkey,

You are then able to make clip­boards, pop­up­menus, vir­tu­al key­boards on your win­dows sys­tem.

The vir­tu­al keys can appear in your mouse point­er or it can show on your desk­top.

If you want to reduce your repet­i­tive com­put­er move­ments then you will like keystarter free­ware.

You can make very fast a vir­tu­al key [ vKey — is a short word for
(vir­tu­al but­ton icons) ]

Write a code in any kind of script­ing lan­guages (autohotkey(AHK), msdos, cmd, ???)

Reload and save it and its done.

Keystarter Tool. Works on (32/64 bit) win­dows sys­tem. (win­dows 7 , win­dows 8, win­dows 8.1 or win­dows 10)

You will need to install auto­hotkey first, then you are ready to take off.





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