the best top software for windows desktop.

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0 selection search - select any text in websites and then do direct in one click a google search.
1 ccleaner - to clean everything on your computer/disk/registry.
2 process lasso - always have a 100% responsive computer.
                               with this software you have no more a freese mouse or cpu. - trial
3 virtualbox - you can use or install your system on a virtual place (area)

4 Keystarter 1.0 - create a set of 3d buttons on the desktop any button
                               can run a autohotkey command or something else (.ahk/.bat/.xxx) -
                               you can make a multi clipboard, popupmenu, virtual keyboard and more.

---------------------------usefull for keystarter 1.0 software---------------------------
5 Imdisk - create a ramdisk (virtual disk) or virtual diskdrive.
6 autohotkey - windows scripting language to remap or shortcut by keyboard command.
7 Pulover's MacroCreator portable - screenrecorder for autohotkey.
8 vista shortcuts - create shortcut links shutdown/restart/log off/sleep
                                 with a timer on the desktop
9 libreOffice portable - advange free text/Drawing/Spreadsheets/Formula
                                        /Database/presentation editor
10 Notepad++ - advange free text editor
11 KompoZer portable - HTML editor
12 Nvu portable - HTML editor
13 blender portable - create, animate, and render 3D images on your PC.
14 Lazarus - pascal/Delphi scripting language.
15 Python - Create large shell scripts using high-level data structures.
16 Microsoft Visual Studio - a visual basic scripting language - trial
17 Chrome portable - browser from google.
18 Firefox portabe - browser  from mozilla.
19 Iron portable - browser from srware
20 Hotspot Shield - you can surf internet with a language ip (anonym)
                        [the benifit of this is that the search engine results, selected by that language]

in the future. when more then 10 reviews is maked by the users then i wil create on this website.

a counter teller for example  [how many clipboard software exist on the internet]

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