virtual keyboard software to create a keyboard with autohotkey scripting codes in 3d

keystarter 1.0 is a use­ful soft­ware to cre­ate your own vir­tu­al key­board with auto­hotkey script­ing codes.
any 3d but­ton icons can start and auto­mate every­thing. run a appli­ca­tion or run a set of key­stroke com­bi­na­tions or acces and write/read the win­dows reg­istry. see screen­shots 1 to 3



screen­shot 1 — mod­ernes vir­tu­al key­board with script­ing com­mand edi­tor and one 3d but­ton icon selec­tor.




you can also cre­ate in 3d an pop­up­menu for in the mouse point­er or mul­ti clip­board with mul­ti app selec­tors.

screen­shot 2 — pop­up­menu with mul­ti clip­board and four 3d but­ton icons selec­tors.

1 modern popup menu with clipboard




with this soft­ware you can design and cre­ate your own set of 3d but­ton icons on your desk­top, that you can push it with your mouse or touch device. any but­ton can have a task­ing com­mand codes with auto­hotkey script­ing code lan­guages or a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent lan­guages like msdos, html, python.

screen­shot 3 — keystarter 1.0 all in one soft­ware.