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keystarter Automation Software create hotkey button icons in 3D.


Keystarter Automation Software is designed for users :
that want to make in 3d on the desktop
a set of button icons with executable task scripting codes.
you can push the buttons with the mouse or touch device.
it will execute the code direct.
(any button can run a keystroke, program or write/read registry) [without focus the windows]

This is what you can Make:

  • Toolbar Launchers in 3D.
  • Multi Clipboards in 3D.
  • Virtual Keyboard in 3D.
  • Popup Menus in 3D.

(you can use it for any sort of Programs)

keystarter animation


keystarter is a 5 days in every week Freeware that you can use. (Saturday and Monday only with license)

if you work with your physical keyboard you need the left and right hand to push a keystroke on the keyboard. for example ctrl+c
with keystarter 1.0 you can stay your hands always on the mouse.
and push only the button icons on the screen, it will task and execute your scripting code.

short explanation why you shoot choose this product, compared with other virtual keyboard software or clipboard software is that they can change, resize, move, show, hide the button icons only in the design modus. with keystarter you can do that insite any button icon you want on the fly (in the run modus). that means you are able to do this direct by pushing these buttons on your computer.

Too use keystarter 1.0 it required that you did install Autohotkey on your system.
This is the best scripting & code languages to automate repeat movements from fysical keyboard, mouse or joystick device.
For beginners you do not need to learn autohotkey scripting languages: With keystarter you can simple [create a button icon] [choose a picture] and write a simple script, for example [send ^c ; ^=CTRL] and it is done. If you push the button icon with your mouse or touch device, it will run the script direct (without focus the window) > this means you can use it in any applications.

Download keystarter from here in the portals

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The latest version You can download it From Here.

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How To Install Keystarter Software:

Click here for the
License Agreement for end users (EULA)

New Programs:

Autoit Launcher Software.
(Create in 3d your own toolbar launchers for any applications)
Keystarter vs Autoitlauncher:
(Keystarter Main languages is Autohotkey) and
(Autoitlauncher Main languages is Autoit)
(Ideal for touch or mouse device)

Websearch Launcher Freeware.
(Select text in websites or in applications
and do a selection search with precisions)
(Works across any browsers and different search engines)

And if you are working on a Mac OS X System then you can think about using this program with this you can improve the workflows in internet translations and searches. You can find it from here Precision Google Search 1.0 Freeware.
(This works almost like Websearch Launcher, but then from out a clipboard memory to better Google search results or searches to other search engines you can even do translations from out different translation engines - and at last you do have a unique built in Search Bar that works across on any websites, any browsers and any apps.)

With Keystarter you can Build in 3D - Button icons - Popup menus, Virtual Keyboards & Multi Clipboards.

Keystarter 1.0 is Compatible on any Windows System.

(32/64bit) - ( ? | 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 )

windows compatible

with this (all in one) Tool you can automate and task anything. you can make a set of 3d button icons on your computer, that include a complex or simple scripting languages codes. it will execute direct by pushing the buttons on the screen with one mouse click. you do have one central command editor where you can put any kind of script languages you like.

autohotkey examples

Popup Menus and Clipboards Tutorial

On this Tutorial you can see How Keystarter can copy fast any text and from any where in multi clipboards. you can see the benefits and how many room you will win, do not forget that any button can show/hide complete new set of buttons in the same area. you can create a advange, popup menu with multi clipboard in 3d.the first time it is a little bit strange to use it as a second popup menu. but later you now what the pros are.(you can also use it as a main popup menu)
Click on the Play Button to see YouTube Video :

The New Utility For Autohotkey - Intro of Keystarter Software.

click to play video

Keystarter How Does It Work?

In this Tutorial we can see how Keystarter does work, you can Move or Create in 3D Area any kind of 3d Objects and any of these Objects/Forms can have and execute a Macro Autohotkey Script or other Languages Scriptings. Watch to the end of this Youtube Video and you will now what it can do!

Click on the Play Button to see YouTube Video :

What Can Keystarter Do,
What Other Virtual Keyboards & Clipboards Software Not Can Do!

click to play video

Features of Keystarter Software

  • One Central Command Editor.
    Here You have one place where you can put all kind of scripting languages : autohotkey (.ahk) - msdos (.bat) - commander (.cmd) - and many more (.???)
  • Multi Selectors.
    You can make any Button into Multi Selector - To Show or Hide a set of button icons. 
  • Animation buttons.
    The button icons can animate by command scripts.
  • Simultane Sounds.
    The Sounds can be played simultaneous without interrupting from other played Sounds.
  • You can Select Any Text and then do in ONE CLICK a Google Search with parameters.
  • Or Select Any Text and then do in ONE CLICK a TRANSLATION.
  • and many more.

sketchup paint tool
keystarter intro

pros of keystarter software

Autohotkey Tutorial

The Difference Between Autohotkey and Keystarter is Autohotkey does not have a Graphical interface and you can Execute any Keyboard Shortcuts Macro 's with keyboard Device, compared with Keystarter it does have a Graphical interface and you are able to Execute any Keyboard Shortcuts Macro 's from out on screen 3d button icons.

Click on the Play Button to see YouTube Video :

Ahk Scrips from button Icons - Run keystroke scripts from Mouse or Touch device.

click to play video

How to Create 3d Button Icons in Keystarter

In this tutorial you will see How you can Make 3d Button Icons.

click to play video

The Websites Where Keystarter 1.0 Was Published.

Windows 7 Compatible Downloads - Windows 7 Download Windows 8 Compatible Downloads - Windows 8 Downloads Windows 10 Compatible Downloads - Windows 10 Downloads free download keystarter :: mouse-keyboard-utilities Windows 10 - keystarter download keystarter: 5 Stars Award at !

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